12 months of resolutions!

Do you make a new years resolution or two every year just to break them? You aren’t alone! According to Forbes.com less than 8% of resolutions are actually kept annually.

Could it be that the thought of doing something forever is too daunting and causing our failures? Perhaps if we look at our resolutions like 30 day challenges, we can finish this year keeping resolutions that actually work for us!

We designed a few ideas that we hope will get you started making positive changes for your 2022. Check out our suggestions of simple challenges that you can apply to work, your health, home, parenting, and more!

Challenge 1: Make a healthy change. Whether it’s adding exercise to your daily routine, cutting back on coffee, eating more fruits/veggies, etc. Start your new year with a positive and healthy change and commit to keep at it for at least 30 days.

Challenge 2: Create a new habit that aligns with your goals. Maybe you want to save money so you commit to bring your lunch to work 4/5 days a week for the month. Maybe you want to have more of a presence on your business social media and you commit to creating a post daily for the month. Maybe you want to read more; commit to reading a chapter a day! These changes don’t have to be huge (or painful) to make a positive change in your personal and/or business life.

Challenge 3: Set aside some reflection time. Whether it’s getting up early to give yourself time to meditate, or taking a 15 minute break from work every day to take a walk, nap or stretch; make time daily to clear your mind so you can evaluate where you are and where to go next. (This may not feel natural at first, but try it for 30 days! Creating this time for yourself will equal better results and less stress!)

Challenge 4: Ditch a bad habit! Maybe you tend to dwell on negative self talk, or maybe you always work late, or you can’t go an hour without looking at your phone. Whatever it is, if you really want to change this habit, you will need to remind yourself daily why you don’t want to do this. Now, this is one challenge that you may not achieve just like that. It may take the full 30 days to accomplish, but committing to it each and every day is what makes it work. You can do it!

Challenge 5: Commit to a kindness every day. This challenge is, well, challenging. We all have bad days and bad moods. The trick is still showing kindness when we don’t feel like it. Let someone merge in traffic (even if they waited until the last minute), hold the door for someone that is walking slowly, smile at a stranger or say hello, ask your coworker or neighbor how they are doing and give them your undivided attention. Think small. Logging your acts of kindness is a great way to help you stay on track. At the end of your 30 days, reflecting on your kindnesses will make you feel like a million bucks!

Challenge 6: Spring cleaning challenge. Create a list of 4 things you’d like to clean/declutter in your home or office as you start this challenge. Each week, break your areas down into 7 parts to work on each day. (Example: Kitchen cabinet & drawer cleaning and organizing. 1st day: Empty all drawers into box, wipe clean and install new liners. 2nd day: reorganize contents of drawers and toss or donate things you don’t use. 3rd day: empty food and spice cabinets into box, clean shelves and install new liners. 4th day: reorganize contest and toss old spices/donate food you don’t want. 5th day: remove all dishes, clean shelves and install new liners. 6th day: reorganize and donate un matching. 7th day remove all baking dishes & pots and pans. Clean shelves and reorganize.)

Challenge 7: Give up an guilty pleasure for 30 days! Alcohol, sugar, red meat, chips, soda…this list of suggestions could go on and on! Pick your poison and just commit to 30 days without it. How you feel about this indulgence at the end of the 30 days will help you determine if it’s something you can really live without.

Challenge 8: Give up negativity for 30 days. This one is tough in business because you have to figure out creative ways to correct poor performance or behavior without criticizing (Hint: Instead of pointing out the negative, ask have you tried…..or suggest, I’d like you to try….). In both personal and professional, this will be difficult, but oh so rewarding at the end of the 30 days.

Challenge 9: Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. This goal may not be for the new parent or the caretaker of an elderly parent, but those of you that can commit will be grateful at the end of this challenge! Sleep is essential for health and performance (both physical and mental).

Challenge 10: Consciously connect with others. Pick one person each day to email, send a note to, place a call to, or meet in person. In business this may seem awkward, but customers appreciate consideration too. Maybe just a quick, “I thought of you today and realized it’s been a long time since we’ve spoken. Just thought I would check in with you. How are things?” Don’t have enough friends, family or clients to fill your 30 days? That’s ok. Go ahead and create a message in advance in your email drafts or on a note card. Create a reminder on your calendar to send these out in 90 days.

Challenge 11: Gratitude journal. Each day before bed, write down something you are grateful for. Try to really dig into this and not repeat. This challenge is a great way to remind yourself that life is good, even when there are challenges (no pun intended!).

Challenge 12: 30 day affirmation challenge. For five minutes a day, turn your phone off, go to a quiet place and give yourself some affirmations. It may seem silly, but saying affirmations out loud to yourself does get into your psyche and will make you feel and think differently about yourself. Need a boost in your confidence? Just commit to 30 days!

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