4 Tips to Avoid Overdoing It This Summer

For some of us, summer means vacation. When you’re a freelancer or small business owner, taking off of work isn’t always top of mind. There are a few ways we can make time to relax so that we don’t burn out while working on our businesses.

Take Weekends Off (or Longer!)

Alkaloid is home for a quite a few small businesses and entrepreneurs, so we know what it’s like: these people are passionate … and don’t usually have normal business hours. And it’s crucial to take time off if you’ve been at the daily grind for weeks without any real break.

While having the freedom to set your own hours is wonderful, be sure to set boundaries with your clients around your availability. Just because you occasionally get up at 3 AM to finish a task doesn’t mean you need to be available to your client at all times. Establish business hours with your clients and review your policies about availability with them.

And schedule your vacations! Everyone needs them, especially entrepreneurial types.

Take Breaks or Naps During the Day

Working for hours at a time, knocking out tasks, can feel wonderfully productive. Sometimes our workload requires that much focus. Remember: humans need breaks throughout the day! Even machines need time to reset and require maintenance.

Be sure to schedule yourself breaks during your mornings and afternoons—put it on your calendar, if necessary.

And consider taking a nap! They can be a great way to rest your body and mind, and offer a few benefits. (Check out a few more tips on how to take a great workday nap.)

Find Excuses to Get Active

Eastside Atlanta Beltline Walking in the Summer

So you want to take more breaks but can’t seem to make it happen? Start inventing excuses for getting active.

  • Drink your water! It doesn’t just keep you hydrated, but gives you a reason to get up and use the restroom more frequently.
  • Take a walk during your lunch break! Even if you don’t have the gorgeous Atlanta Beltline outside your door like we do, just walk down the block and back. It is a great way to get away from your desk and out in the fresh air.
  • Find a friend to take breaks with! Have them join you on a walk, find an outdoor patio, or grab lunch together so you’re not at your desk all day.

BONUS TIP: You can stay accountable by enlisting an accountability partner to support you and your goals.

Coworking as Burnout Prevention

The benefits of coworking go beyond good coffee—a healthy work environment can also help to prevent work stress from becoming too overwhelming. Coworking spaces like Alkaloid offer a community of like-minded people and offer access to stress-busting activities (like happy hours and the Atlanta Beltline).

“Coworking can help you to establish a healthier work-life balance, so your home can again feel like a place to relax, rather than your office,” writes Julie Tucker for Headspace Group. “It provides you with communal areas, breakout space and a kitchen in which to take ten minutes’ break when necessary, so you can calm down, relax and reduce your stress levels, even on a hectic day.”

You don’t have to deal with burnout on your own. When you have the support of your coworkers, it’s easier to face the challenges of running your own business.

Join us at Alkaloid for a friendly, supportive environment with more ways to get work done!

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