Who We Are

The Atlanta Coworking Alliance launched in mid-2019 to bring together the founders of independent coworking spaces together to share ideas and resources. The goal of ACA is to provide the citizens of greater Atlanta greater exposure regarding the diversity of coworking spaces along with the breadth of services available.

What is coworking?

We've heard explanations from, “it’s like a commune for people on computers,” to “it’s like having your own Google office.” Here are some helpful explanations:

“It’s a chance to have the freedom of working from home, the facilities of a real office, plus a social atmosphere and sense of community.”

“It’s a place where we work together and talk to each other, rather than work alone and talk to our pets.”

“It’s kind of like getting a gym membership but instead of treadmills you get an awesome office, and instead of working on your body you work on your business.”

“It’s a place for people to work on their own thing, side by side in camaraderie.”

Our mission

Our mission is to sustain and promote the core values that serve as the foundation of the coworking movement. As per the Coworking Manifesto, in order to create sustainable coworking communities based on trust, we value:

  • collaboration over competition
  • community over agendas
  • participation over observation
  • doing over saying
  • friendship over formality
  • boldness over assurance
  • learning over expertise
  • people over personalities
  • “value ecosystem” over “value chain”
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Want to join the alliance?

Our values also serve as a benchmark to all entrepreneurial communities who share such values, and we heartily invite to them to apply.
The purpose of the The Atlanta Coworking Alliance is:
  • To support the qualitative goals of our communities, whose underlying principles and practices are compatible with the “coworking spirit.”
  • To collaborate with like-minded communities to improve and strengthen our communities by fostering the core values and principles shared among our respective members.
  • To more effectively communicate the meaning and value of strong communities, and the impact they have on new businesses.