Why the City of Atlanta Needs a Coworking Alliance

Atlanta Coworking Alliance

With the arrival of the on-demand economy, enabling people to work as independent contractors, members of startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs today, more people than ever before are considering a coworking space. These spaces provide freelancers with community, camaraderie, connections, and opportunities that are missed when one works from home.

If you are someone in a coworking space, know that you are not alone. There were 1.18 million people, as of 2017, working in one of these collaborative areas, with the number of coworking spaces in the U.S. expected to increase from 4,100 in 2017, to 6,219 in 2022.

The problem is that many times, these coworking spaces exist independently from one another. They don’t pool their resources or share their strengths to the benefit of the members. Network participants are missing out on what might exist at an Atlanta coworking space just down the road.

Well, we wanted to do something about that. That’s why we launched the Atlanta Coworking Alliance this year. We are bringing together the founders of independent coworking spaces so they can share their ideas and resources.

Why Create an Atlanta Coworking Alliance?
  • Expanded Service Options: Certain coworking spaces specialize in certain services. Some might have incredible event spaces, while others might excel in hands-on classes. Either way, with this alliance, now you can take part in all of the goodies, no matter where they reside.
  • Exposure to Atlanta: We live and work in a beautiful American city with lots to offer all of us. Therefore, through this alliance, you will receive greater exposure to Atlanta and everything that occurs right under your nose.
  • Diversity Potential: The more spaces you explore, the more people you are going to meet. It’s an expanded diversity immersion experience that will enrich you, your business, and your perspectives. This kind of exposure can help you revolutionize your personal venture.
Atlanta Coworking

We want the public to be able to find what they want when it comes to collaborative coworking, in just one place. That’s exactly what we are providing you with our new alliance, and we couldn’t be more excited to do so. A few of our founding ethos include: collaboration over competition, community over agendas, friendship over formality, doing over saying, people over personalities, and boldness over assurance.

We want to invest in the people of this amazing city, and that starts by creating a coworking network they can explore on a daily basis.

More than coworkers needing a coworking alliance, the city of Atlanta itself needs this alliance as a vehicle to branch divides, neighborhoods, and cultures, one step at a time. It starts with one common goal – coworking towards a better future.