Atlanta Coworking Checklist

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As we navigate the new normal of working from home, remote teams, and virtual offices, you may be considering joining a coworking space.

Maybe you need a virtual office space for hosting in-person meetings. Or, you need to be productive outside of the house, and you are looking for a flexible office space.

Whether you’re new to the concept of coworking, or you’re reconsidering your options, how do you know what to look for?

We’ve put together a checklist for your Atlanta coworking space tours. Here are the top details to consider:


The location of the coworking space is, by and far, the most important factor for most people. While the roads are a little less congested because of remote work and schooling options, the truth is that, in Atlanta, traffic is always something to contend with.

Since there are so many options for coworking in Atlanta, consider the following questions:

  • Is it possible to find a place you can walk or bike to? This option can help you be more flexible with your time and encourage healthy habits.
  • If you aren’t walking or biking, what is the parking situation? Don’t forget to factor in the cost of monthly parking when looking at the total cost.
  • Is the location near things that are important to you? Look at the businesses in proximity like childcare, yoga studios, restaurants, or anything else you might be need.

The Atlanta Coworking Alliance has member spaces all over the metro Atlanta area, and it is a great place to start your search for the perfect coworking space location.

Decatur Coworks Conference Room
Decatur Coworks Conference Room

Most coworking spaces come with shared or dedicated desks and private offices, but it is also wise to ask about other amenities.

In the era of virtual offices, many coworking spaces are offering amenities that can make your workday more enjoyable and productive. This may include simple features like monitors on desks and projectors in conference rooms. Other amenities may include white boards, printers, podcast rooms, lockers, kitchens, showers, phone booths, or a number of other office features. The list is almost endless so ask for what you need.

When touring, be sure to ask not only what amenities a space offers, but also what the cost is to use them. Every coworking space is different and may offer varying levels of shared access with memberships.

3411 Coworking Welcome
3411 Coworking Welcome

While sometimes it is difficult to put into words, we all instinctively know that the vibe of a space is one of the critical factors in our decision-making. At the end of the day, you’re more likely to be productive somewhere if you feel comfortable.

When you enter the coworking space, does it feel welcoming and warm? A stiff or impersonal space may seem passable at first, but if you anticipate spending regular time at the office, how you feel in the space is an important consideration.

A coworking space should help you stay productive, spark your creativity, and also offer ways for members to network (even during COVID). Many of the community-minded spaces host events like happy hours, workshops, art shows, or educational seminars. Especially if the space has adjusted to COVID and offered some of these events online, you know that there is an active community.

One of the best ways to figure out whether a space “vibes” with you is to just visit. The Atlanta Coworking Alliance has many coworking spaces to choose from and tour, allowing you to find a local space that fits your needs. The ACA Passport program even gives you an incentive to visit by giving you up to $50 off your first month of membership after visiting 3 spaces.

Alkaloid Networks Outdoor Workspace
Alkaloid Networks Outdoor Workspace

Whether you use a coworking space every day or just a few days a month, you are expecting to spend many hours in the space, trying to focus.

So when choosing a space, pay close attention to the environment. Your productivity can be affected by so many things, like lighting, temperature, and noise. Depending on your own personal priorities, here are a few things to notice about the environment:

  • Is the office chatty?
  • Is the office pet-friendly?
  • Are there outside work areas (especially important in the COVID era)?
  • What are the seating options?
  • Are there places to move around within the space for a change of scenery (this has the added benefit of boosting productivity)?

And finally, make sure to notice what COVID precautions that the space has in place. Proper precautions indicate a caring coworking community that is dedicated to supporting each other. ACA spaces have taken the pledge to public health, a list of health and safety protocols to help keep members safe.

Screaming Fast WiFi

Whether you’re focused on an email or uploading large files to the cloud, fast WiFi is a must for everyone these days. Do yourself a favor and work somewhere there is strong and reliable internet.

Most spaces understand this reality of modern work and provide what you need. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask what they have in place or even test the internet speed yourself.

FireWorks Coworking Media Room
FireWorks Coworking Media Room

Of course, coworking spaces are valued as a space to focus, as well as host meetings or work with your team. However, there are also the other benefits. Many coworking spaces also include the small things that get you through the day, whether that’s locally roasted coffee or snacks.

There may be other perks if you join a collective (like the global Coworking Visa). In the case of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance, ACA member network perks include reciprocal usage and discounts.


Whether you have strict company hours or you work on your own schedule, your coworking space should be accessible during the busiest part of your day. Some memberships may even include 24/7 access for those who are night owls or who work across time zones. Plan to ask about operating hours of the space, so that you can ensure you’ll be spending your time effectively.


What security protocols are in place in the space? You probably don’t want to tote your laptop around at lunch, or worry about your bag while you’re in the restroom. Because security measures can impact your comfort in the coworking space, make sure to ask what plans are in place.

Hidden Costs
Edwin Jarvis Mailboxes
Edwin Jarvis Mailboxes

We’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating: always ask about the extra costs. You want to make sure the coworking space fits your budget. If you are attracted to the conference rooms, printing, locker rental, or parking, ask whether these come with any limitations or additional fees.

Once you have this workspace checklist in hand, you are ready to do the fun part: touring coworking spaces! With all the different coworking space options available in Atlanta, you’re bound to find something that fits exactly what you need.

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