Back To School Blues? Here’s How to Refocus

It’s easy to keep your mindset on vacation mode once summer has suddenly come to an end. Staying productive during the day can help you to complete more of your work and become more present in other areas of your life. To get back into your work routine, try a few of these tips to stay focused!

Wake Up at the Same Time

Setting your alarm for the same time each morning allows your body to get into a consistent routine. Consider how many hours of sleep your body needs and try to establish a regular sleep schedule. This can improve your energy, alertness and work performance.

Organize Your Desk Space

If your desk is piled high with papers and objects, it can be crowded and distracting. Reserving a few minutes at the beginning of each day to organize your desk and put every item in its place can help center your mind on the work that needs to be completed.

Limit Your Distractions

In the age of digital communication, it’s super easy to get distracted by our devices. To prioritize your work, try to limit your phone use during the day. You can turn your phone off, put it on silent mode or set timers for when you want to take a moment to check on any of your notifications.

Listen to Instrumental Music

Whether you prefer upbeat electronic beats or classical melodies, find a playlist that works for you. Songs without any words allow for your mind to concentrate on your tasks at hand. Listening to music during your workday can decrease stress, improve your mood and provide motivation. If you work in an office near your coworkers don’t forget to use headphones!

Make a Daily and Weekly “To-Do” List

When you write your tasks down, you can properly manage your workload and prioritize what needs to be completed. Once you successfully conquer the task then you can receive the satisfaction of crossing out the task on paper. Making two separate to-do lists, one for long-term goals and one for short-term goals will ensure that you are staying on track with all of your responsibilities. Seeing your tasks and goals as a visual list can encourage brainstorming tactics to achieve the work at hand.

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