Connect with Community Managers

Community Manager | Atlanta Coworking Alliance

A community manager interacts with coworking members daily. This allows them to build relationships and understand the needs of members, beyond the physical work space. They learn how members strive to grow so they have the potential to help them in various ways. Perhaps it’s facilitating a new connection at the next happy hour. Or introducing them to a local business that helps meet a unique need. By helping members with their work goals and needs, community managers ultimately improve business for both members and the coworking space. 

A Critical Role

According to Krystal Wu, HubSpot’s Social Media Community Manager, the most critical part of the community manager role, she’ll say it’s simply “having one.” And, according to Sprout Social, 21% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that are accessible via social media — which means it’s a critical component of your marketing strategy. The position builds brand personality and consumer trust, which can ultimately lead to increased awareness and company performance.

Meet The Community Manager

The Space Crew Coworking | Photo Room

When new members join a coworking space, it’s important for them to meet with the community manager. Not only understand the space, but so each can begin to understand their goals. Like many other coworking spaces, The Space Crew houses spaces for both traditional and creative work so this expands opportunities for members to create and connect with others. Our community manager is also a film photographer and producer. This allows her to understand the needs of members who are learning to create photos, videos, or podcasts. 

Community managers strive to connect with members to help them grow not only their business but also as individuals. They are the key to a successful coworking space that creates a strong and productive community.

The next time you visit an Atlanta Coworking Alliance coworking space, take a moment to chat with the community manager. You never know what unexpected connections or resources you may gain!