COVID and the Atlanta Coworking Community

Virtual Coworking

The shear number of COVID-19 messages in your inbox are likely fueling your anxiety as we face this unprecedented and uncertain level of impact on life as we know it.  We, at the Atlanta Coworking Alliance, have been closely monitoring local and global news in addition to CDC recommendations to address how we can to be there for our members and local communities.

The beauty of coworking is that you can work almost anywhere and a global health crisis such as Covid-19 poses a unique challenge to our industry.  It will take time for us to adjust to the new normal with so many abrupt, but sensible disruptions of our daily routines over the coming weeks.

The member spaces of the ACA are each reminded of why coworking is a service to to our communities through providing relief for isolation and anxiety, which is why many of us opened our doors in the first place.

Here are some preventive measures we’re carrying out in our spaces that are in line with expert recommendations:

 Staying open but with new precautions!  

Our spaces that are currently still open are changing their day to day business to flatten the curve!

This includes:

Enacting social distancing within the space – getting creative with greetings to avoid hugs and handshakes as well as eliminating close seating arrangements.

Posters and flyers throughout our spaces reminding people of effective hand hygiene, relevant COVID-19 risk factors

Forgoing fun community events and meeting room bookings

Increasing cleaning and sanitizing measures of frequently touched surfaces

Limitations on visitors and tours of our spaces

Going online!   

Many of the ACA spaces are amping up their Virtual Community Activities. During these difficult and isolating times, communities are leveraging platforms like Slack and Zoom to stay connected. On these platforms, our members can still keep in touch, participate in events online, and support each other.
We’re all in this together…online! 

Being flexible with memberships!

No one anticipated the drastic events that have unfolded. And no one knows what’s going to happen in the future. The beauty of coworking shines in uncertain times. Spaces have been flexible with their memberships, creating new ones that serve their members better (e.g. adding more virtual options) or modifying existing memberships to ensure they are being fair to their existing members.

Whatever the changes are, maintaining and supporting community is top of mind!

According to experts, social distancing is the key to ending this pandemic. We live in an amazing time where we can maintain our social relationships through technological means to help us reduce the uneasy feeling of this temporary solitude.

Our community works when we help each other and stay connected.
We need that now more than ever.