How Coworking Benefits Mental Health

Coworking Mental Health Benefits

Let’s have some straight talk. Coworking and mental health may not be two things you usually connect, but right now, more than ever, this is our reality. We’ve been stuck in our homes for months trying to juggle work, family, our children’s schooling all while being bombarded with frightening messages from around the globe. All this impacts our mental health. You may feel a sense of detachment from the world, especially when you are sitting alone at your desk in the study.

So how can coworking help?

Community Environment

With coworking, you are in an environment that was created to make you part of a community. Instead of sitting by a different person every time you are in a Starbucks, now you are sitting beside someone you get to know and share interests with over time. You build relationships that can boost your happiness, motivation, and over all demeanor. We all want to be a part of something and to feel like we belong.

Anne Rice, a Licensed Professional Counselor, said “With my clients mostly working from home, I am beginning to see them becoming more and more unmotivated to do their work. There isn’t the same feeling that you are working together towards something that you get when working in an office. I encourage them to find community wherever they can because ultimately, humans are social creatures and relationships motivate us.” Ms. Rice also runs a coworking space for therapists in Atlanta, Blue House Wellness which is also a member of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance. Ms. Rice reports that despite not using the space as much due to COVID, most members have continued their membership and have found ways to move the community connections online.

One study showed that approximately half of independent workers cite loneliness and “feeling like an outsider” as the main drawback of working remotely. The feeling of isolation and lack of connection to a team culture can be disheartening.

Coworking can help to reduce stress levels by introducing you to other like-minded individuals that can help you to establish a healthy work-life balance, resulting in improved mental health.

Work/Life Balance

Another reason coworking helps mental health is having a place to leave your “work mind” at the end of the day. Working from home has many challenges. It’s easy to get distracted. You may find yourself:

  • cleaning the house
  • washing clothes mid-morning
  • taking business calls during lunch hours
  • answering emails right before bedtime

The list goes on. Your work and life space become one and the same. This, consequently, is likely to impact your mental state and your routine. There is no longer balance between the two. Your home is no longer a place where you can relax and unwind. It has become a place that you associate with stress and burnout.

Studies show that coworking spaces can assist you in keeping a healthy boundary between work and personal life.

With coworking, we have an enhanced balance between work and home. Plus the added benefits of focus and productivity that coworking environments provide.

We need our mental health to thrive during these uncertain times. Coworking helps to make that possible.