Get the Most Out of Your Yelp Business Page

Alkaloid member and Atlanta Yelp Community Manager, Christina Venditti, shares how to connect with your community using the free tools offered.

Yelp Statistics

  • US Demographics
    • Age: fairly evenly split across all age ranges
    • Education: 65% of Users are college-educated
    • Income: Almost half of Users earn more than $100K annually
  • Businesses Reviewed by Categories
    • By and large, the majority of reviews are for:
      • Restaurants
      • Retail
      • Home and Local Services
  • Ratings
    • Half of the ratings are 5 stars

Alkaloid Networks Yelp ListingYour Yelp Business Listing

  • Be sure to claim your business at
  • Complete your profile by providing ALL relevant business information
    • Operating hours
    • Your business¬†specialties
    • Meet the owner
    • Contact details, etc.
      • Completed profiles get 4x as many views
  • Track the engagement you have with Users
    • 53% of consumers expect to receive a review response
      • Businesses that respond to reviews see a 10% upgrade in star ratings
  • Keep your information up-to-date
    • Especially if there are changes, such as temporary closing, holidays, etc.
    • Yelp does a good job of sending reminders to update

COVID-19 UpdatesYelp Business Highlights

  • Support for local businesses
  • New business page features to communicate business changes during COVID-19
    • COVID-19 banner addition
    • Call To Action
    • Business Highlights (with many COVID-related tags that are free)
    • Connect

Local Events

  • Yelp has shifted to virtual events
  • Weekly emails to Users and Super Users communicates upcoming events

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