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This is the first segment from the Atlanta Coworking Alliance on how to get the most out of a coworking membership. 3411 Coworking, located in Chamblee, starts off the first in the series. 

Welcome to 2022, a brand-new year of possibilities!  Have you set some goals for the new year? 

After almost two years of keeping your distance, why not try getting involved in your community.  Because coworking is such a location dependent business, getting involved in your local and physical community can be very beneficial.  Not only can it bring leads into your business, but you can also find services that may benefit the coworking community you’re trying to grow.  Additionally, the communities you get involved in can be virtual (e.g. by industry or interests), depending on what kind of community you’re looking to grow.  So how do you go about getting involved?

Do some research

If you are interested in becoming involved in your geographic area, there are many local organizations that are made just for connecting local businesses with each other (e.g. local Chamber of Commerce, social neighborhood groups, local non-profit organizations).  Additionally, there is usually a person in the city or county government that is a new business liaison who would be happy to help you get started and make some introductions.  Lastly, Facebook and other social media platforms also have local groups that have been created to share local resources, update the community on local activities, and bring people together to get to know each other.

Get out there and be an active participant

While it is sometimes easiest to get involved online, the best way to form deeper relationships with those in your community is to meet with them!  This takes time commitment outside of your already busy schedule of building a coworking community.  One on one or group activities are great for meeting new people, getting to know their interests and seeing if there might be a way to help each other’s businesses.  Volunteering at local events or local non-profits would also give you the inside scoop on what’s going on around town.  If you can find a way to bridge your coworking community with the local community, that would be even better!

Don’t stop there

Once you’ve dipped your toe in your first community group, don’t just stop there!  Ask some of your new connections if they are involved in any other groups or volunteer opportunities.   If you search and find there is nothing else out there, consider starting a group of your own!  Don’t limit yourself to just your local area once you’ve gotten started.  You never know what kind of friendships and connections you’ll make!

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