How to make friends at a coworking office! (A how-to-guide written by a community manager)

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Making friends as an adult seems so much more difficult than it did when we were kids, right? It reminds me a lot of dating; you initially want to be the best version of yourself when dating to attract the other person. I can recall having thought to myself, “Don’t act too eager or they won’t like you;” or, “Be really confident because that’s what you are supposed to do,” even though I didn’t really feel confident at all! I think those types of thoughts and feelings are common, but nobody likes to admit it.

This is one of the charming things I really love about working in a coworking office. We have all been in the same boat at some point. No need to be anything but yourself! Your new coworkers remember how it felt being the new person and chances are, it will be easy to connect just because of that fact. As a community manager, I’d like to share some things I think help open the friendship doors if you are new to a coworking space:

1. Let me (the community manager) introduce you to others! This is the easiest way to make connections and hopefully friends. Plus, I am kind of like a match maker; I already have an idea of who you’ll really jive with.

2. Have lunch in the break room! The break room is a place that many of our members use and they are eating there because they want to chat and make friends. (If they had wanted to eat alone, there are plenty of quiet options they could choose instead).

3. Introduce yourself! Literally, just say “Hi” and introduce yourself. 100% of the people in a coworking office want to make friends too! (I made that statistic up, but really, otherwise they would be working from home!).

4. Attend events! We try to make our events interactive so it’s easy to strike up a conversation about the event’s theme. Ask questions about what others think. I heard somewhere a long time ago that people feel connected to you when you ask them what they think, and well, it seems to work!

5. You already have a friend! Me! I love making friends and enjoy learning about what people do for a living, and what they like to do in their off time too. It makes my job less like a job and more like hanging out with friends! Come see me anytime, I am always up for talking:)

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