Meet 3411 Coworking

3411 Coworking Welcome

Each month we feature one of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance spaces. A thanks to Marguarette Dau Diep, Founder of 3411 Coworking in historic Chamblee, for sharing her thoughts and insights.

What makes your space so special or unique?

3411 Coworking is focused on community. We want to get to know you and your business and help in any way we can. We also have services that aren’t common across all coworking spaces, such as our photo studio for photographers and videographers and warehouse space and loading dock that’s been very useful for our interior designers.

Who are your members?

3411 Coworking has a very diverse group of members with no dominant industry. You’ll find businesses across many industries, such as technology, business services, philanthropy, engineering, marketing, and design. Their sizes range from one person to over a dozen employees that work in the space.

How do you help your members succeed?

We try to get to know our members as much as they’re comfortable, that way we can figure out ways to help. This might look like an introduction to another member, setting up networking opportunities, offering them services that might be useful, or just listening when they need to vent. We want our members to love working here so that they can be productive and feel supported.

What is your favorite part about coworking?

My favorite part about coworking is organic community that develops over time. Many of our members have started their businesses here and continue to grow with new employees.  It’s great to see them grow and evolve and connect with one another. These connections may not have happened had they not been members here.

3411 Coworking Member Breakfast
3411 Coworking Member Breakfast

What can members expect in your space?

A friendly and professional environment, where you have all the tools you’ll need to be productive right when you join.  We have amenities that are typical to other coworking spaces such as coffee, meeting rooms and fast internet, but we also have free parking, warehouse space, and a photo studio for those that need these perks.

Since opening during the pandemic, we’ve also upgraded our space so that members can feel confident that they are in a safe space. We upgraded our ventilation system, implemented safe cleaning practices, created space for social distancing when necessary, and introduced policies that were recommended by experts. The pandemic was a challenge to all of us, so creating this safe space was important so that our members could focus on what they needed to do to meet their challenges.


Why are you a part of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance?

While being an independent coworking space gives us the freedom to create the community we love, having the support of other coworking spaces is important for growth. Having a network of benefits that Atlanta Coworking Alliance spaces share allows us all to to be competitive with more corporate coworking companies out there. The ideas and encouragement from ACA members is so beneficial for any independent space owner.