Meet Axis Replay

Each month we feature one of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance spaces. Thanks Allie Young, CEO, for sharing her thoughts and insights. 

What makes your Space so special and unique?

When we were designing Axis Replay, we wanted it to be more than a high-tech facility with great connectivity. We planned for it to be versatile for our members as well as bringing a culture of community into the space.

Who are your members?

We have social gamers and coworkers.

How do you help your members succeed?

We provide them with the hardware and space necessary to achieve their goals — whether its high speed internet, top-of-the-line PCs, a space to work in, or a place to meet and hangout with friends.

What can members expect from your space?
A great social experience that is unique.
What is your favorite part about coworking?

We made the floor plan open to allow for easy collaboration. It’s a creative environment that is adaptable and can easily transform into anything you can imagine.

Why are you part of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance?
We believe in ACA’s mission to sustain and promote the core values that serve as the foundation of the coworking movement. We’re all in this together!
Listen to Allie on Atlanta Business Radio: Tech Talks.