Meet Decatur CoWorks

Each month we feature one of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance spaces. A thanks to Karen Phillips, Vice President, Marketing, for sharing her thoughts and insights.

What makes your space so special or unique?

Since 2013, Decatur CoWorks has been an active corporate citizen of Decatur in its support of education, the arts and business development. We reflect the values and uniqueness of our city both in our space and around town…and we love a great happy hour!

Who are your members?

Our members range from remote employees of large corporations to entrepreneurs. Some common industries include real estate, legal, marketing, architecture and design.

How do you help your members succeed?

We provide a productive work environment and we continually seek ways for our members to connect with one another to grow their own business networks.

What is your favorite part about coworking?

Getting to know other business people around town.

Why are you a part of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance?

Because “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

What can members expect in your space?

A friendly environment where you can buckle down and get work done.