Meet Fireworks Coworking

FireWorks Coworking Media Room

Each month we feature one of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance spaces. A thanks to Hannah Mostellar, Community Manager of Fireworks Coworking in Marietta, for sharing her thoughts and insights.

What makes Fireworks so special?

FireWorks is special because of its people. We’re here to cheer each other on and lift each other higher. FireWorks’ community members are generous with their time and skillsets, always looking for ways to collaborate with each other. We’ve seen some really incredible partnerships come out of this space.

Who are the Fireworks members?

Anyone can be a member at FireWorks, but the creative community is our bread and butter. Our space is filled with designers, animators, videographers, editors, and producers. We believe that every entrepreneur inherently has a creative mind, regardless of their industry.

What can members expect in your space?

We always say that our members come for the workspace and stay for the people. As they get more involved in the space, members start to see that coworking is as much about the friendships and connections made as it is about ergonomic chairs and maximizing productivity. Members tell us that they can get more work done in less time when they’re at FireWorks and how great it is just to be around other people who know what’s going on in their world, instead of being holed up in a home office.

Fireworks Coworking | Atlanta Coworking AllianceHow do you help your members succeed?

We know that no one size fits all when it comes to workspace and we’re always looking for ways to be a resource for our community. Whether it’s making an introduction to someone else in the space, asking around when a member is looking for advice, or just proofreading pitch decks or notarizing documents, we try to custom-tailor our support and show up for our community members in all the big and little ways.

What is your favorite part about coworking?

It’s rare to see an industry that really embodies community over competition, but we experience it every day. We love the “let’s get better together” that emanates from other coworking space operators in the Atlanta area and beyond. This kind of perspective spreads to every member in the space and is the foundation for a healthy, thriving community.

Why are you a part of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance?

We love to practice what we preach and grow in community with other coworking space operators. We’re always learning from other members of the ACA, referring folks to their spaces, and are eager to share what we’ve learned along our journey.