Meet Toast & Jam

Toast & Jam Community

Each month we feature one of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance spaces.

What makes your Space so special and unique?

 Toast and Jam Community is unusual in a few ways. It was built, and I mean literally designed, constructed, finished, decorated and organized, by a husband and wife team and a few of their close friends. This gives the space tons of personality and character. It also has a sibling in Toast and Jam Studio, a thriving music and video production studio located next door in the same building. On the practical side, we are excited to offer 24 hour access to the Community. Our members have the freedom to come in when it’s best for them. Everyone works best at different times, this doesn’t restrict our members to work typical business hours. In addition, our members enjoy mailboxes and package receiving with a real street address. This allows them to register their business and appear on Google maps if they like.

Who are your members? 

We have such a diverse mix of members. Anywhere from web design, real estate and marketing to the more creative side of things like musicians, photographers and writers. They all bring so much energy to our space. We are lucky to have such kind and unique members. I can’t say enough good things about them.

How do you help your members succeed?

I love being hands on, proactive, and taking the initiative to see how they are doing or if they need anything. We really want it to feel like a community and it comes through in the personal attention we give, and the relationships we’ve built.

What can members expect from your space?

A warm atmosphere filled with smiling faces, creative energy and a strong sense of community.

What is your favorite part about coworking?

We love giving people the opportunity to get out of their houses and into a creative work space filled with different people and professions. It’s a place where you can work together, talk to one another, and contribute to building a real community.

Why are you part of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance?

Something that stuck out to me is how these smaller coworking business are so ready to promote each other and work together. Which really makes the alliance stand out. It’s more about collaborating and supporting one another than being in competition. The members are all there to support one another and it really shows in the culture of the ACA