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The ACA Coworking Passport Program is designed to make it easy (and free!) for you to visit and experience different coworking spaces. To visit a location, contact the staff and remember to bring your Coworking Passport. You will receive a free day of coworking and earn their location stamp.
Try out as many ACA locations as you like!
When you are ready to join a space, turn in your Coworking Passport to redeem a special discount on your first month of membership at a participating ACA coworking space. 

Get a passport today!

How It Works:

Step 1: Get a Passport
You can pick one up at one of our ACA member spaces.
Step 2: Go Coworking!
You have 12 places to explore with more joining us all the time! The passport has a map so you can find the space most convenient for you. There is a brief description of the space, the amenities and pricing. We recommend you try at least 3 spaces to find the one that fits your vibe.
* New spaces are always joining the ACA so be sure to check the website for the most current list of ACA member spaces
Step 3: Rate each space
There is room for you to take notes and keep track of your experience at each space.
Step 4: Make it Official!
Join your favorite space and get up to $50 off your first month with 3 or more passport stamps.