The Perfect Coworking Space

Perfect Atlanta Coworking Community | Atlanta Coworking Alliance

With so many great coworking communities to choose from in Atlanta, you might need to narrow it down to the perfect one for you. You’ll want to consider both business and personal needs.

We’ve created this list to help you evaluate the tangible and more subjective considerations.

Happy coworking!

Note: When scoring each space, we suggest using a 1-5 rating system (with 5 being the best).

The Space

The space is near my home and easy to find
There is plenty of free parking for myself, my team and my clients
Staff are always available (both online and in-person)
There are plenty of members and it is not too crowded
The membership levels suit my current and potential future needs
The business is connected to the local community
The space is clean and inviting


There is lightening fast internet (with ethernet ports and wifi)
There are locations for private phone or Zoom calls
There are plenty of comfortable seating and workspace options
Booking a conference room is easy and reasonably priced
The space and equipment (i.e. podcast, projector) can be reserved for special events
Inbound business mail and packages are accepted
Local Coworking Community | Atlanta Coworking Alliance


Plenty of free locally roasted coffee is available
Printing, copies and scanning are included
There are lots of local businesses within walking/driving distance
A variety of community events occur to encourage networking
Snacks are plentiful


The other members are friendly and welcoming
I look forward to networking and socializing with the other members
Members are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions
My clients will be comfortable here
I love the vibe and energy.

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