Returning to the office after a year of working from home

Have you felt like this last year was, well, like a movie? Not a good movie, but a movie where you keep waiting for the story to peek so you can get to the end of it already? Finally, it feels like the end is close, numbers are way down, vaccines are flowing, restrictions are loosening and your boss now says you should come back to the office. But wait! You aren’t really ready to do that yet!

It is hard for a lot of people who have been isolated and are now comfortable at home, to come back to the office. Coming back to the office for many of us will be a necessity. Not just because our boss says so, but because people need interactions with other people to maintain one’s mental and emotional health.

Here are some easy tips to help you ease back into the hustle and bustle of working in an office again:

  1. Prepare your wardrobe ahead of time. Selecting your clothes for work either the weekend before or night before going back will set you off on the right foot and remove one decision you need to make the morning of. And don’t forget a coordinating mask!
  2. Get up 20 minutes earlier than your 2019 routine. Giving yourself a little bit of quiet time to meditate, read the paper, or exercise, will help get your mind and attitude geared up for the day! Just like working from home took some adjusting, working at the office again will take some adjusting too. Starting off with a clear head, will make this transition all that much smoother.
  3. Plan/Pack your lunch ahead of time. Knowing your lunch plans, whether grabbing something with a coworker or bringing your own lunch, will allow you to actually enjoy your break! And definitely take it! This is a perk of being back at the office since you are expected to take a lunch break.
  4. Don’t sweat the small things! After being away from others for so long, naturally you and those around you might be little edgy getting back into the swing of things. Try to be patient with your coworkers and take a pause if you’re feeling overwhelmed. We’ve all been through a trying year, we never know how it’s affected others. Practicing mindfulness and kindness will be important to transitioning back to being in the office. (Now, if we can only figure out how to get everyone to do this in traffic!)

Hope these tips are helpful to you. We can’t wait to see you at the office again soon!

Source: 3411 Coworking

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