Saving the planet…every little bit helps!

When it comes to resolutions for 2022, our business decided to try some things that will not only make us feel good, but help our planet as well! Yep, we’re on the composting bandwagon!

As a Coworking space, we create a pretty hefty amount of trash and recycling, but do you know what else we do? Yep, we eat and drink a lot! Snacks, lunches, happy hours, coffee, tea (and I’m just talking about the foods we provide!). Add in the foods our members bring in and there is a lot of waste we can compost.

We weren’t happy with just food, we also purchased compostable vessels for our food and drink to reduce our waste even more! We purchased compostable “plastic ware”, coffee cups, plates, glasses and bowls. And guess what?
The greener versions of our office staples are just as sturdy if not more sturdy than our wasteful versions! In our first month we made over 50 lbs of compostable trash that will never hit the landfill!

We realize, our small efforts may not change the world, but every little bit helps!

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