Successful hiring secrets!

Whether hiring your first employee for your start up, or replacing a position held for 30 years, hiring is never easy! Once you go through the steps of advertising the job, reaching out to your network for candidates, or maybe even hiring a recruiter to help, you still have to sort through the endless resumes and begin the interviewing process.
This process does not have to be as daunting as you may imagine. It can actually be enjoyable and successful if you practice some of these pro tips:
1. Determine culture fit. Decide what your culture is and what attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviors are must haves! Make the initial interview light and brief, try a phone or video call to determine if your candidates fit with your culture. Don’t believe you have the time to screen all the applicants? Try a questionnaire! Just keep in mind, you might miss out on a great fit because written questions and answers can often be misinterpreted!
2. Determine what skills are must haves and what you are willing to teach. Let’s say you are hiring a Marketing Associate fresh from a sales background with great presentation and communication skills, but they are not experienced in utilizing SEO campaigns. Are you willing or able to take the time to train them if all the other pieces match up?
3. Get other peoples opinions (this is really a two parter). a) Always check references, but don’t be afraid to ask your candidates for them at the 1st or 2nd interview! Learning as much as you can about a candidate before final decision time will allow you to tailor questions that help you get a real picture of what this employee will bring to the table. b) Having other team members interview the candidate is great for a second opinion and also helps build a strong team. Are you the company? Ask a colleague or friend to conduct 2nd interviews with you.
4. Conduct a working interview. After narrowing down your applicant pool to a hand full of candidates, let them come in and work with you/your team for a few hours. Of course they will be on their best behavior, but you will still get a sense of what it will be like to work with them. Are they eager to get busy? Do they follow direction well? How do they treat the team or clients? Bonus! They also get to decide if they really want to work with your company before you make an official offer. Nothings worse than spending tons of time and energy hiring someone, and they decide after a few weeks that they don’t like the job.

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