The Best Sounds For Productivity

We often find that there are a substantial amount of distractions that can keep us from getting our work done.
Luckily for us, strategic use of sound and music can help us get back on track.
Here are some of the best sounds to help increase productivity while we work:
The sound of a fan running can help tune out other noises, like traffic or conversations you may hear while working.
2. Sounds of Nature
Researchers have recently discovered that nature sounds not only boost productivity, but overall moods as well.
3. Songs Without Lyrics
Music without lyrics actually stimulates the language center of the brain! So if your job involves writing (even writing code) these songs will distract you much less than those with words
4. Song With a Specific Tempo
‘Weightless’ by Macaroni Union has been tested and proven to be one of the most relaxing songs! Researchers found that it reduced anxiety levels by as much as 65 %. Click the video to check it out.
At 3411, we use a variety of sounds in our different spaces to help boost productivity. White noise machines are strategically placed throughout the space to help drown out background noise and in our communal area you’ll find soothing instrumental tracks. From Beethoven to ambient sounds we’ve got it covered giving you the best workplace environment possible.

Source: 3411

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