The Great Resignation: Workplace revolution or evolution?

2021 has been called the year of “The Great Resignation”. According to the US Department of Labor Statistics a quarter of the workforce resigned from their jobs in 2021, with August being the highest month on record noting a staggering 4.3 million people quitting their jobs. While many are stating this is just a problem for the health and hospitality industries, points towards tech jobs actually leading the exodus. With most companies in the Coworking world being smaller and younger than many of their competitors, this can be a challenging situation. How do you compete with the bigger companies that offer better salaries and benefits?

How can a company with limited budget and resources retain and attract talent during this workplace revolution? The answer to this is simple, but not without its challenges and growing pains; Evolution is the key.

Employers should ask themselves 3 questions:

1. Are we willing to ask the tough questions about employee satisfaction (without repercussions) and make changes to let our employees know their voices were heard?

2. Are we willing to adjust our company culture to allow for a happier workplace?

3. Are we willing to adjust operations to make time for real connections with our teams and individuals, recognize achievements and offer team building and appreciation events?

Do your employees feel like part of the company, or is this just a job to them? Consider our questions. It’s hard to walk away from a job where you feel appreciated, involved and like your voice matters. Happy employees are more productive, stay longer at jobs, and are just more fun to be around!

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