The New Work Normal with the COVID Vaccine

Per my promise to follow CDC guidelines, we are entering the new work normal at Alkaloid Networks. If you are fully vaccinated, you do NOT need to wear a mask inside the Alkaloid Networks community.

HOWEVER, please wear your mask if you:
  • are not fully vaccinated
  • cannot get vaccinated
  • have a suppressed immune system
  • are sick or around someone that is sick
  • or don’t feel comfortable without your mask

You can read the whole CDC guidelines update here.

We’re all adults here so I trust that those of you that need to wear masks will do so until fully vaccinated.

Of course, this CDC policy could change but I’m keeping with my commitment to staying within CDC recommendations.

Community Commitment

While face coverings may not be required, there are still some things that we, as a community, will continue to do to support each other.

Section 1: Alkaloid Networks Precautions (What I’m Doing)

Surface Cleaning

More Frequent Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning of common spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms will be maintained. (Offices and trash will be attended to on the weekends.)

Nanoseptic Door Handle Wraps & Switch Covers

Nanoseptic wraps will stay on all exterior door handles and light switches.

Environmental Treatment


Higher quality HEPA filters will continue to be used with the new, more frequent, changing schedule put in place in 2020.

Air Scrubbers

Our new friends, the air purifiers, are staying and operating 24/7.


We almost tripled the number of live plants throughout the space in 2020. It’s nice isn’t it?

Tours and Events


All visitors are required to follow our community guidelines regarding face coverings.


Our partnership with the The Un.Incubator will continue since so many members have benefited from this curated, online campus. Members of Alkaloid Networks will have unlimited access to the many sessions each month as well as the quarterly cohort programs to jumpstart their next project.

Monthly in-person events will resume; including the popular coffee club and Friday evening happy hour.

Distancing Enhancements

Desk Dividers

Clear desk dividers will remain in place.


Hand Sanitizer

Dispensers will be located at the three exterior entrances and throughout the space.

Exposure Response Plan

It’s still important to have a plan in the event of possible COVID-19 exposure just in case.

Section 2: Alkaloid Member Guidelines (What I Ask of You)

New Normal COVID VaccineMembers MUST:

  • If you need to wear a mask (see above), please make sure you have it on when you are up and about – entering, exiting or using any common spaces. Masks are not needed while sitting at your desk or in your private office. If you do not have a mask, please ask for one.
  • Be considerate when you are up and about. Not everyone has, or can, get a vaccine. Give space if you are unsure.
  • Avoid handshakes, high-fives, or other physical contact until you confirm with the other person that it is ok with them.
  • Inform any visitors of these guidelines.

Shared Desks

  • Clean the desk and area when you are done using the disinfectant spray and paper towels provided. This includes the phone nook in the Central Wing.

Conference Rooms

  • All chairs have been returned.
  • Clean the conference rooms when you are done using the disinfectant spray and paper towels provided.

CDC Updates

As always, I will watch for any changes to CDC guidelines and update you when there are changes.

Thank you for being a part of this community and your support during this shared challenge.

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