The Value of Alliance Network Perks

Atlanta Coworking Alliance Location Perks

Coworking is about so much more than finding a workspace with great coffee where you can plug your laptop in and get some work done. We talk a lot about finding community and gaining access to business resources in a coworking space, but the best thing about being part of the Atlanta Coworking Alliance is that it allows that community and resources to extend beyond the four walls of your favorite neighborhood coworking spot.

Perks for Coworking Members

All Atlanta Coworking Alliances spaces are proud to offer free day passes (one per month) to members of other ACA spaces. Think of it like having mini memberships to nearly a dozen coworking spaces all across Atlanta and its suburbs, spanning from Decatur to Chamblee to Stone Mountain to Marietta.

Atlanta Coworking Alliance’s network benefits include so much more than free day passes. Here are a few of our current favorite perks at participating coworking spaces that you can take advantage of (you can check out a full list of network benefits here):

  • XC Creative Spaces in Edgewood offers 20% off meeting space. We especially love their boutique event space that can fit 40-50 people.
    Edwin Jarvis Cowork Club in Avondale Estates offers 10% off printing services, so you can get new business cards and promotional materials printed; they even do tote bags!
    Decatur Coworks in Decatur offers the 20% off their event space that can fit up to 70 people and is outfitted with a projector for presentations.
    FireWorks Coworking offers 1 free hour of meeting room or studio time each month; they have a fully equipped podcast studio.
  • 3411 Coworking in Chamblee offers 10% off meeting rooms; they have an amazing photo studio with a full cyc wall

Atlantans are always on the move, so the ACA’s Network Benefits are designed to make it easy for you to find a home away from home wherever you are in the city.

As an example, let’s say you live in Marietta and FireWorks coworking is your home coworking space, but you’re in downtown Atlanta for a client meeting in the morning. After that, you could pop over to Alkaloid Networks for the rest of the day, and it’s all covered by your regular monthly membership.

Perks for Coworking Operators

Coworking space owners and community managers would jump through so many hoops to meet the needs of their members, but sometimes we just don’t have the resources or capacity for a specific request. That’s where these network benefits come in.

For operators, the ACA’s network benefits are a great asset to highlight while giving tours to prospective members. Bluehouse Wellness doesn’t have a photo studio, but 3411 Coworking does, or maybe you don’t have event space, but Imagine Coworking does.

It can be challenging to compete with larger coworking brands that have multiple locations and deep pockets. Leaning into these network benefits and teaming up with other local coworking spaces helps us better meet our members’ needs and create stickiness to our spaces.

Coworking spaces thrive because people and companies are committed to the ideal that we are better together than we are apart. Community and collaboration will always be our strengths. Reciprocity between coworking spaces is in the same spirit of collaboration that we try to foster in our member communities.

You can find one of these cooperative coworking spaces within the Atlanta Coworking Alliance.

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