Why hobby is the new buzz word!

Do you remember when you felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day? Fast forward to today when most of us are trying to stay home more, social distance and have a lot of extra time. Boredom and isolation are now our Achilles heel! Both scenarios, past and present, create stress and anxiety. How can we combat this you might ask? We think we have a new/old idea that will relieve some of that today and when things get back to normal.


I must confess that most of my adult life has been a constant battle to get everything done well at work, have a social life, spend time with family, and don’t even get me started on jamming in a vacation! When in the world would I have time for a hobby! Well, thanks to Covid-19, now most of us do. And that’s an upside this pandemic has created. We’ve all had time to slow down. 

Now you may be asking yourself, “How do I even begin figuring out a hobby for myself?”


Don’t worry, we’ve studied several sites that help guide you and have compiled a list of the best advice below (with links to those articles as well!):
1. Get creative!
Make a list of things you love even if you can’t think of how they translate into a hobby. Then look at what is is you like about it. Maybe you love to travel and you can’t currently due to Covid-19. What parts of travel do you love? The food? The culture? etc.
2. Determine a budget.
How much can you comfortably afford to spend? Maybe your hobby is something that can support itself (something you can create and sell?) or maybe it’s free!! And how much time can you budget for this hobby too! Can you include friends/family so you get time with others (virtually or in person)?
3. Try it!
You know the old adage, you never know until you try. Just start small. Many times we think we like one thing and discover the path that leads us there isn’t what we thought. Trying several different things helps us determine what we want to focus on.
4. Reflect.
What do you think? Does practicing this hobby make you feel happy, accomplished, satisfied? Does it improve your mood and outlook? If you don’t answer yes to these questions, then move on and try something else from your list of loves! Life is too short!
Maybe this long July 4th weekend is the perfect time to start one!

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