Is There A Downside To Working From Home in Atlanta?

Working From Home In Atlanta

We are living in a historically crazy time right now and Covid-19 restrictions along with working from home (WFH) are going to be our reality for a while. Since we experienced Georgia’s shelter in place in March, restaurants and theaters have now reopened, many schools are holding classes in person or virtually, and many of our fall sports teams are planning on playing this season. With all of these adjustments to our “new normal,” it would seem that it is just a matter of time before businesses who have been working from home will return to the office. Or will they? What if Covid-19 has changed the way businesses function forever?

Flexible Work Options

Many technology companies like Facebook and Google have a history of flexible work options, such as letting the employee decide if they want to come to the office or work remotely. What’s new is that this pandemic has forced so-called “traditional” companies to adjust and allow remote working because of stay at home orders and overall safety of their employees. To their surprise, they found remote working is actually (no pun intended) working for them. They see that their employees work hard and continue to be productive, even when not physically in the office. Because of this experience, many companies are planning to continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future and some are even leaving their offices or repurposing them.

Is Working From Home A Long-Term Solution?

While working remotely during the pandemic shut down has proven to be successful, the next question has to be, is this a good long-term solution for the employee? Employees may be fine working from home when there are no other choices, but how long is this type of isolation really going to work?

What Work-Life Balance!?!Digital Ocean WorkLife Balance

If a person’s home is their castle AND also their workplace, does the castle feel less like an oasis and more like a cage? Sadly, there is evidence that this could be the case. A 2019 survey by Digital Ocean found that more than 50% of people working from home worked longer hours than those that worked in the office. And the level of exhaustion goes up too when they integrate work into their non-work environments. There was a clear negative effect on their overall wellbeing when work and home were the same place. With so many businesses committing to changing their in-person work environment to a work from home one, we believe there will be a greater need for coworking spaces.

Got The Blues?

Psychology Today recently published an article titled, Does Working From Home Make You Blue? Research Explains Why. In this article, it highlights the need for human interaction when working remotely. Suggesting that even a mix of working remotely and in an environment with others can ease some of the negative effects of loneliness associated with working from home (WFH) isolation. Science even shows that loneliness affects our health and lifespan.

Coworking = Productivity Boost

Another benefit of coworking for the remote worker is the productivity levels don’t dip as much. The energy gained from the environment of a coworking office is contagious. Ever heard motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with successful people? When you surround yourself with positive and successful people it is almost impossible to not become like minded.

More Benefits for Coworking While Working From Home

While working remotely definitely has its benefits for both employee and employer, we must also consider how we can still get the social interaction we all need to stay motivated and encouraged. We also need to find a way to keep our homes a place of refuge and escape. Coworking may just be the perfect answer to how to work in our “new normal” world.

Find Some Space To Work

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